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Duo EGO in Hagakyrkan

november 4th, 2016

Thursday 24/11 19.00 Duo EGO performs in Hagakyrkan in collaboration with Benedicte Esperi and Tony Blomdahl. It’s an arrangement of Levande Musik and we will perform music by Blomdahl, Hettne, Cage and Stockhausen.

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Mozarts Requiem

november 4th, 2016

Sunday 20/11 18.00 Mozart’s Requiem in Trollhättan with conductor Mattas Eklund, choir and orchestra.


Nina Ewald

Monica Danielson

Daniel Ralphson

Björn Larsson

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september 22nd, 2015

Duo EGO will perform at the Kluster festival in Luleå 25-26/9.

Music by af Malmborg Ward, Liljeholm, Hosseini, Forsman and Cage.


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Västerås Concert Hall

september 22nd, 2015

I will perform music by Torbjörn Grass in a concert called ”Sinnenas musik” in Västerås Concert Hall 18/11 19.00.

In the performance will also dancer Matilda Bilberg attend.

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Duo EGO tour

april 17th, 2015

Duo EGO will make a tour called ”Skyltmusik” with compositions closely connected to writers. The program contains music and texts by Mikael Forsman, Mansoor Hosseini, Marie Samuelsson, Thomas Liljeholm, Magnus William-Olsson,Eva-Maria Berg, Bodil Malmsten m.fl. And as always: John Cage!

23/4 18.00 Khimaira projektplats, Sofiagatan, stockholm

25/4 12.00 + 13.00 Aniara Bokhandel, Gothenburg

25/4 18.00 Atalante, Gothenburg

2/5 14.00 Media Artes, Stadsbiblioteket, Växjö

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november 28th, 2014

Duo EGO will perform ”Varför skulle jag inte tro på kärleken”

Music: Marie Samuelsson

Text: Magnus William-Olsson

Place: Stockholms Konstnärliga Högskola

Date & time: 6/12 19.00

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Boulez Le Marteau sans Maître

november 28th, 2014

Monday 15/12 I will perform Boulez Le Marteau sans Maître with a fantastic ensemble on Forum in Stockholm.
Conductor is Christian Karlsen.
Pontus Langendorf
Ulrik Nilsson
Magdalena Meitzner
Jacob Kellerman
Kim Hellgren
Sara Hammarström

Monday 15/12 kl 19.00 Forum,Stockholm

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Duo EGO Sound of Stockholm

november 2nd, 2014

Duo EGO performs at the festival Sound of Stockholm.


L Grenager ”Alt tre skal beskytte dej”

A. Eriksson ”En flygvärdinnas sånger”

M. Samuelsson ”Varför skulle inte jag tro på kärleken” Text: Magnus William Olsson (World premiere)

Place: Kulturhuset

Date & time: Wednesday 5/11 at 12.00

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Duo EGO tour autumn 2014

november 2nd, 2014

30/9 Kapellsbergs folkhögskola, Härnösand

1/10 Gamla Teatern Hudiksvall

28/11 C-Y Contemporary Malmö

29/11 Salongen, Helsingborg

Music by Grenager, Eriksson, Samuelsson, Cage, Liljeholm

All performances supported by RANK

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Royal Academy of Music

juni 19th, 2014

From May 12th I am a very proud member of the Royal Academy of Music!

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