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september 17th, 2009

When I was still an opera student I had the privilege of working with Lars Johan Werle – a great composer and a lovely person!
At that time we worked with the chamber opera ”Hercules”, and one day after a performance he took me aside and handed me a score with the words:
I would really like you to perform this opera sometime!
What he gave me was the score for the opera ”Kvinnogräl”. I´ve had it in my library since then, and now – in 2009 – I’ll finally get the opportunity to perform it in Vara Concert Hall and in Atalante.

Thank you for the music Lars Johan!

Soloists Monica Danielson
Birgitta Rydholm
Director Iwar Bergkwist
Conductor    Marit Strindlund
Ensemble Jonas Olsson piano
Jonas Larsson percussion
Kristina Lindgård   cello
My Holmberg cello
Thomas Allen double bass

Produced by Levande Musik and Göteborgs Kammarmusikförening

”Music which has made a more profound impression to the audience than any other Swedish art music from that time.”   DN

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