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Pierrot Lunaire

januari 3rd, 2009
Pierrot Lunaire

Schönbergs Pierrot Lunaire is one of the pieces that I enjoy performing the most, and I´ve also sung it a lot of times.
The latest performance of it was in Atalante (one of my favourite theaters!) in January this year together with conductor Jerker Johansson with whom I´ve sung Pierrot on several occasions.
About 10 years ago we did an unforgettable tour of Norway with a quite challenging concert program where I first sang Boulez ”Le Marteau sans Maître” and then Pierrot Lunaire.
I was definitely younger then…

Next year I will not sing but direct Pierrot for Norrbotten NEO and the artist Sofia Jernberg. A new challenge which I’m really excited about!

Jerker Johansson conductor
Mattias Johansson violin/viola
Ann Elkjär Gustafsson      flute
Christian Berg cello
Joakim Kallhed piano
Ragnar Arnberg clarinet

”The eminent mezzo Monica Danielson has an impressive capacity to combine pertinence and dark undercurrents with poetic feeling. Very good!”   GP

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Infinito Nero

november 1st, 2004
Infinito Nero

When MusikTeaterVerket prepares a new opera we always try to find a specific place to perform it. Sometimes it has been Black Box Theatres but also in Art Museums, churches and an old sawmill.
For Salvatore Sciarrino´s fantastic ”Le voce sottovetro” and ”Infinito nero” we really wanted to find the right place to get the spirit of desolateness and darkness and we found it in the wonderful building ”Röda Sten”.
We where also lucky enough to have the lovely actor Kent Andersson in the performance reading the letters of Tasso in a brilliant way!
One little detail that we had not thought about was that the cathedral in Röda Sten has no heating system and November 2004 was one of the coldest November months ever.
I spent the first 10 minutes of the opera laying on the stone floor – after that there was no problems with giving the impression of a desperate woman!
In 2005 I gave the performance in a nice, warm church in Bodö, Norway and in the autumn of 2010 I will sing ”Infinito Nero” with Petter Sundkvist and Norrbotten NEO.

Composer Salvatore Sciarrino
Conductor    Jerker Johansson / Jonathan Stockhammer
Director Ola Beskow

”Endlessly dark and beautiful”   GT
”A small sensation and very admirable!”   Svd
”It is very beautiful and the best production by MusikTeaterVerket
I’ve seen so far.”
”Monica Danielson has a fantastic stage presence in a beautiful stage picture”   GP

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